3D Printing Used for Providing Tactile Sight to the Visually Impaired (Video)

Everyone feels a bit of amazement when they hold their first 3D printed object, at least I know I certainly did. But I can’t begin to imagine the excitement that Beyond Vision, a non-profit organization who provides employment opportunities for the legally blind, is now providing to their visually impaired employees by using 3D printing to allow them to see delicate objects like never before.

There is an abundance of things in our physical reality, such as snowflakes and butterflies, that are too fragile, minuscule, or even too large for the visually impaired to truly hold and experience. But, by using 3D printing technology, Beyond Vision is able to produce finely detailed and appropriately scaled models to help the blind touch and ultimately see these objects. “With 3D printing, you are essentially representing a 3D image in a physical form, and we thought this is a way that we can actually allow blind people to see things that they can’t normally see,” said CEO of Beyond Vision Jim Kerlin.

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Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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