3Shape Verifies 3D Systems’ ProJet 3510 3D Printer and VisiJet Pearlstone Dental Material

3D Systems today announced its ProJet® 3510 MP 3D printer and proprietary VisiJet® Pearlstone dental material have been verified by 3Shape for prosthodontic dental model production. Prosthodontic dental model printed on 3D Systems’ ProJet 3510 MP with VisiJet Pearlstone material shown with 3D printed wax-ups made on 3D Systems’ ProJet 1200 with VisiJet FTX Green material.

Verified and integrated with 3Shape’s Model Builder software, 3DS’ ProJet 3510 MP is a proven solution for manufacturing prosthodontic dental models with accuracy, precision and push-button simplicity.

The ProJet 3510 MP is part of a comprehensive, personalized digital thread for dental model production, starting with models designed in Model Builder software direct from intraoral scans or physical impression scans, and output seamlessly on the ProJet 3510 MP with VisiJet Pearlstone material. The VisiJet Pearlstone dental material is available in both a Matte Plaster and Glossy print mode with a 30 micron layer thickness, an average accuracy of 50 microns and a stone-like finish.

“Since we installed our ProJet 3500 series printer with Pearlstone we have printed thousands of models with incredible consistency and accuracy. It integrates seamlessly into the 3Shape digital workflow for the TRIOS intraoral scanner, and the post-processing labor involved with this printer is minimal,” said Rob Nazzal, CEO of Custom Automated Prosthetics. “Technicians are comfortable working with these models since they look and feel like stone, and the doctors love the superior fit of the all-digital restorations.” … (Read more)

Source: Azom.com