7-Year-Old Thankful for 3D Printed Bionic Arm this Thanksgiving

One group of good Samaritans was about helping a little girl in Lynchburg Virginia, born without a portion of her left arm. Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit that has grown out of E-Nable, has expanded upon E-Nable’s partial prosthetics to create bionic hands suitable for individuals born without wrists.

Limbitless Solutions previously made headlines around the world when they developed a bionic hand for a young boy named Alex. While many folks were visiting family the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Limbitless was visiting Madelyn Rebsamen, a seven-year-old born without a complete left forearm. The nonprofit has been in communication with Rebsamen’s family since September of this year and have since been rushing to get the arm done by Thanksgiving.

Because every arm created by the group is tailored to the individual, there are always new kinks to work out. As a result, they found themselves driving up from Florida all night to arrive in Virginia the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There, Limbitless engineers worked to get the prosthetic fitted to Maddy’s arm. On top of the electronics, improved since Alex’s design, Maddie’s arm has an artistically designed sleeve, demonstrating the design possibilities offered by 3D printed prosthetics over mass produced medical devices. … (Read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com