Airwolf 3D Tests bioFila Biodegradable 3D Printing Filament

Airwolf 3D recently tested a new biodegradable material called bioFila Linen, produced by twoBEars in Germany. Unlike other PLA-based materials bioFila doesn’t contain linen fibers. Instead, bioFila is composed of Lignins, an organic material that provides strength and rigidity to the cell walls of plants … and one of the main ingredients found in paper. The texture of bioFila, when 3D printed, looks a lot like linen and is capable of producing rougher and more porous-looking structures when set on higher temperatures over 205°C.

Airwolf went to the far-end of bioFila’s recommended heat settings for their test of the new material, selecting the default settings in Astro Print for Laywoo-D3 (220° C hot end, 70° bed. 1st layer at .4mm). The material held up, printing accurately and smoothly, which suggests that it is forgiving of variances in print temperatures. The result is interesting: the final product has a visual texture similar to a linen lampshade, with the rigidity one would expect from a traditional PLA filament. Also, when handling the 3D object produced by bioFila the material seems to add a high degree of impact resistance when compared to PLA, though PLA fares better in tensile strength. Below is an overview of Airwolf’s comparison of bioFila to PLA and ABS. … (read more)