Aprecia Preps to 3D Print Medicine with New Facility (VIDEO)

Since its conception, the 3D printing of pharmaceuticals has been an exciting idea, yet to fully be put into practice. Lee Cronin, of the University of Glasgow, discussed his vision of a future in which medicines, tailored to individual patients in terms of dose and chemical make-up, would be 3D printed at a local pharmacy or even at home. 

Though there has been research into the ability to 3D print medicines or biodegradable 3D printed medical implants, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has announced that, in leasing a Forest Labs facility in Ohio, the company plans to produce a 3D printable, fast dissolving drug formula.

According to in-PharmaTechnologist.com, Aprecia will invest $25 million in the facility to take on 150 new employees for the production of its ZipDose products. Though the drug has not yet been approved by the FDA, it was submitted for approval in October of last year and the company hopes to obtain approval soon. ZipDose is meant to deliver the active chemicals in a drug more quickly than other over-the-counter “fast melt” pills and, according to the company, the manufacturing of ZipDose relies heavily on 3D printing. … (read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com

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