Arno Hermans, Start-up 3D dental innovator, Will Speak about 3Dmouthguard

New technologies makes it possible to 3D print sports products. 3Dmouthguard provides tailor-made mouthguards for sports such as basketball, boxing, field hockey, rugby, etc. As a StartUp, 3Dmouthguard researches the print technology, the customer process and the partner involvement for this dental product.

About Arno Hermans

Arno Hermans is a traffic engineer with a passion for sports and technology. After founding the Sports Engineering department at the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers KIVI he was working at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. He combines sports, technology and business to inspire others. Besides 3Dmouthguard Hermans is founder of Sport eXperience, the first acceleration program for sport startups in The Netherlands.

About 3Dmouthguard

3Dmouthguard provides athletes durable and comfortable teeth protection during sports. Due to increasing healthcare costs and deployment of new technologies, we make it possible to provide tailor-made mouthguards at attractive prices. 3Dmouthguard fulfills the needs of local connectedness that contributes to a positive image at a relatively low time effort.

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