Arnold Bos, Lux Research presents: “The Makings of a Bioprinting Market”

Arnold Bos will present at the 3D Bioprinting Conference: “The Makings of a Bioprinting Market”. Arnold is consultant at Lux Research.

3D bioprinting promises great future advances in new patient therapies. The media has covered achievements and innovations in this domain widely, heralding it as one of the most fascinating applications of 3D printing. But will 3D bioprinting’s market impact live up to this hype? During this presentation, we will take a look at where the 3D bioprinting industry is today, and the direction in which it is headed. What could be the near-term opportunities, and what may we find beyond the horizon? And how could we overcome the different hurdles we will face along the way?

Arnold Bos_2014_Small sizeAbout Arnold Bos
Arnold leverages his experience in life sciences and knowledge of emerging technologies to help clients make informed strategic decisions. His project work has spanned market and technology analysis in topics ranging from tissue engineering, health care, food and nutrition, to bio-based chemicals and materials, battery technologies, and advanced materials. He has a strong background in biomedical sciences and cancer research, with additional experience in psychology, physics, and engineering, with a keen curiosity in diverse emerging technologies.

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