Aspect Biosystems to Develop New Bioprinting Tech with Seed Funding

With their bioprinting technology, Canada’s Aspect Biosystems is working towards the noble goal of “a future where doctors determine which drugs work for their patients before prescribing them, where animals are no longer needed for the development of new therapeutics, and where lifesaving transplant organs are created, not harvested.” This is a goal not dissimilar to the only publicly traded bioprinting company, Organovo, and, while Organovo just raked $40 million through a secondary stock offering, Aspect Biosytems is raising its own funds through a recent “oversubscribed” seed round from local Vancouver Angel investors.

Aspect Biosystems was spun out of the University of British Columbia in 2013 to begin 3D printing human tissues for drug testing and, eventually, organ printing. One company presentation (PDF) outlines the differences between their bioprinting tech and that of Organovo. Unlike Organovo, which relies on multiple syringes with pre-prepared bioinks, Aspect Biosystems is in the process of developing a 3D printing technology that contains everything necessary to print tissues within the system itself, including cell types and growth factors, so that all tissues can be deposited from a single, modular printhead. This, they believe, will allow them to create a wider variety of tissues more quickly and more realistically.Read more