Autodesk Within Medical Releases Software for Generative 3D Modeling (Video)

The team at Within has developed Autodesk Within Medical, a software solution tuned to the needs of the orthopaedic industry. This software allows implant designers to create porous coatings for their implants to aid osseointegration i.e. the fusion between bone and implant.


  • Autodesk Within Medical enables designers to develop parts that are:
  • Porous – to aid osseointegration with various pore size configurations and lattice topologies.
  • Rough – to aid the fixation of the porous implant with the bone using rough lattice surfaces
  • Secure – output designs are secure and can only be manufactured by specific manufactures.
  • Accurate for Additive Manufacturing – designs are optimised for specific additive manufacturing processes i.e. DMLS and EBM, allowing for an accurate output.

The video above demonstrates how Autodesk Within Medical can be used to design porous implants where the porosity can itself be tuned within the software to allow for optimal osseointegration. The lattice topologies supplied with this software have been developed with cell growth in mind and are best suited for this function. The output of the Autodesk Within Medical software is also optimised for additive manufacture.

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Source: Autodesk Within

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