Bangalore-based Osteo3D helps doctors in facial reconstruction using 3d printing

3D printed objects aren’t new to us any more. However, if there’s one space where 3D-printing could find optimal usage, it is the Healthcare industry. Working towards the same, Bangalore-based 3D-printing focussed start-up Osteo 3D has successfully helped in the Microvascular reconstruction of a patient’s facial tissues.

Osteo3D is a part of a series of 3D-printing focussed start-ups which the parent company, DF3D operates. The company is working towards making 3D printing more mainstream within the Healthcare and education store. The company’s primary website, is a first-of-its-kind design factory for 3D printed objects.

So how did this entire facial reconstruction process begin ?  3 years ago, Mr ‘A’ aged 25 years had a malignant tumour affecting the left upper jaw. He underwent surgery for the removal of the tumour along with the left upper jaw. He was given an option of undergoing immediate reconstruction. However, he refused the same due to lack of awareness of the procedure.

He met Dr. Vishal Rao, a head and neck surgeon who assured him that there are solutions and he could undergo secondary reconstruction with Dr Satyajit Dandagi, a maxillofacial surgeon. … (read more)