Bespoke 3D Printed Hip Replacement with Bonus Stem Cells

3D printing is becoming increasingly implemented in the operating room, with surgeons turning to the technology to create tailor-made implants for their patients. This time, surgeons at Southampton General Hospital have 3D printed a hip joint for 71-year-old Meryl Richards and have used her own stem cells to hold it in place.

The patient had had six hip replacements in the past, making her pelvis brittle enough that her leg had bored a hole through the bone. This has left Richards with one leg two inches shorted than the other, debilitating pain, and the inability to walk without crutches. In fact, if doctors didn’t perform this surgery, she would ultimately be confined to a wheelchair. Richards told the UK’s Sky News, before the surgery, “For years now I’ve walked with crutches or stick. Hopefully this will give me movement and mobility again. It’s absolutely fantastic.” … (Read more)