Big data in pathology: 3Scan’s 3D tissue imaging platform offers reams of data on scale of gene sequencing

This one’s a big data play for the pathologist set: Bay Area startup 3Scan is developing an ultra high-res, 3-D tissue imaging platform that’s churning out data on the scale of whole-genome sequencing.

The startup just raised $6.7 million in a Series A round, led by Lux Capital. Before that, the four-year-old company raised about $350,000 from the Peter Thiel-backed Breakout Labs, and then $1.5 million in seed funding, CEO Todd Huffman said.

The company allows researchers – pathologists in particular – to get an extreme close-up of the 3-D structure of tissues and organ structures. 3Scan’s Knife Edge Scanning Microscope automatically sections and images tissue samples, spitting out ultra high-res data: It’s up to a terabyte per cubic centimeter.

“While medical science has made incredible advances in recent years, anatomic pathology has remained relatively stuck in the 19th century – a manual, analog, and highly qualitative discipline,” Huffman said. … (read more)