Bio-Engineering can Leverage AM with the 3D-Bioplotter

Most engineers consider additive manufacturing to be a technology for building plastic, ceramic and metal parts. However, bio-engineers have are exploring the promise of 3D printing. Now major AM manufacturers are looking to make machines to support that market.

EnvisionTec’s 3D-Bioplotter is one of the more polished and promising entries in the bioprinting market. With two model levels available, the 3D-Bioplotter is designed to meet the needs of both educators and industry at a competitive price point.

Currently, printers like the 3D-Bioplotter can only build scaffolds from which other more advanced biological materials can be grown. While that might seem a bit disappointing, 3D bioprinting is opening up new opportunities for bio-engineers to develop their products in a manner that was difficult, if not unthinkable, only a decade ago. Within the coming decade, 3D-bioprinting is expected to mature significantly, growing into a viable part of the AM landscape. Some people have forecast that 3D-bioprinting might pave the way to bespoke therapies and possibly replacement tissues. … (read more)