Bio-printing organisms at Baltimore Under Ground Science Space

Vials of chemicals, manmade organisms and groups trying to get them to do their bidding. They’re no mad scientists, and these are no monsters. This is the International Genetically Engineered Machines team at the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space, or BUGGS.

It’s not bugs the team is growing, though. They’re working on genetically engineered bio-printed organisms ahead of the November iGEM competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The team members have big ideas, like yeast cells that could desalinate water or lab cells that automatically die off after a set number of generations.

The iGEM group is currently seeking funds to support supplies and their trip to the November competition. More information is available on their website.

In January, Ryan Hoover of Lauraville rigged a 3D printer with parts he bought off eBay. The modified printer uses hot water, agar and plant cells to print “bio-bricks” of the engineered cells. … (Read more)