How do biomedical engineers work with hackers?

That was my question when I spoke with DreamIt Health newbie BioBots, specifically co-founder Ricardo Solorzano. He has spent three years working on technology to develop low-cost 3D bioprinters that research scientists can use to develop biomaterials.

The company was formed by a couple of University of Pennsylvania graduates. They view it as a way to change the way people think of regenerative medicine.

Solorzano and fellow co-founder Danny Cabrera joined Hive 76 in Philadelphia so they could learn more about developing these 3D printers. They also work with intern Eric Wamakima. They spoke with MedCity News at DreamIt Health’s launch party for its second class.

“It was a unique experience,” Solorzano reflected. “Hackers are an extremely diverse set and they come from all walks of life. Everyone there was a maker who wants to build things and they’re driven by their passion. That mutual respect allowed us to co-exist.” … (Read more)