“Adding biomolecular recognition capability to 3D printed objects: 4D printing” – Presented by Céline A. Mandon, 3d.FAB – Université Lyon 1

Adding biomolecular recognition capability to 3D printed objects: 4D printing – Presented by Céline A. Mandon, 3d.FAB – Université Lyon 1. The availability of new printing technologies and materials, in additive manufacturing processes and more specifically 3D printing, initiate profound mutation of biotechnology engineers’ way of thinking. Our group have been working on this new paradigm for the last 2 years, digging deeply into the 3D printing technologies and ink formulation to achieve complex 3D objects, composed of printed living cells evolving into human tissues or photopolymers bearing biomolecules. These 4D printed objects, by the access to unprecedented sensing layer complex geometries, generate biological diagnostic devices such as immunosensors but also enzymatically active 3D objects for biosensing and catalysis.


About Céline A. Mandon

Céline A. Mandon obtained her PhD in Medical and Biological Engineering at the Université Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 in 2005. At the interface of biochemistry, cellular biology and nano-biotechnology, she developed bioluminescent stress inducible cell based assays for pollutants detection, and combined diagnostic/therapy processes for in vivo imaging, by immune cell labeling by hybrid nanoparticles contrast agents. She then take charge of the AXO Science’s (Lyon University Start-up) pre-clinical and clinical assays, IVD Certification and CE marking of high-throughput and multiparametric biosensors. She joined the 3d.FAB platform (ICBMS-UMR5246 unit) as associate researcher, in charge of developing of bioanalytical systems by 3D printing.

About 3d.FAB – Université Lyon 1

The 3d.FAB platform is dedicated to 3D printing and additive technologies for life science:
– In the field of biochemistry, especially diagnosis with prototyping 3d lab-on-chip, novel materials for 3d medical devices, biocompatible polymers and cell-size 3d printing.
– In the field of regenerative medicine through dedicated living cells and tissues printers

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