Bioprinting Is Booming and Rainbow Biosciences Wants a Piece

In the whirlwind of news, inventions and ideas spiralling out of the additive manufacturing/3D printing revolution there is one whose potential is so big that the media have actually been a bit reluctant to talk about it: bioprinting (or bioplotting).

There has been plenty of news, relatively speaking, about studies in the field of artificially printed organs for transplant, but it has often been presented as something incredible that will happen, maybe, many years from now. Its potential — eliminating the need for organ donors — is so huge that we just do not want to believe it is possible and within reach, fearing we might be let down when facing reality.

However, the reality, in some regards, is closer than we may have imagined — the bioprinting sector is booming. Or, actually, it has been booming for a while but now it is publicly booming and a company called Rainbow Coral Corp wants to fully maximize its potential. Through its subsidiary, Rainbow Biosciences, it has signed a partnership with another company called Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), to further develop and market n3D’s BiO Assay, the world’s first commercially available 3D bioprinting system designed for high throughput and high-content drug screening. … (Read more)


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