Company Creates Fashionable 3D Printed Prosthetic Covers

Established just this year, startup fashion house and retailer UNYQ is reimagining prosthetics as we know them. According to company co-founder Eythor Bender, UNYQ wants each prosthetic wearer to be able to design their own prosthetics, creating covers that express their individual personality.

In contrast to standard, fake looking silicone covers, UNYQ fairings are beautifully-designed, 3D printed covers known as “fairings,” that encase the prosthetic leg. These fairings are designed to help restore the leg’s shape, and also add a touch of signature style

“Until World War II, when the process of fabricating prosthetics was industrialized, all prosthetics were handmade but too expensive to scale due to details of the craftsmanship,” said Bender. “Thanks to its proprietary technique, UNYQ can now, affordably, revive personalization and handcraft innovative 3D printed prosthetic covers — or fairings — that mirror the shape of the amputee’s sound leg.” For bilateral amputees, the company works closely to determine and reproduce the most attractive and appropriate size for the fairings. … (Read more)