Could the First 3D Printed Liver Be a Year Away?

A team out of Cornell University has been working on a 3D printing solution for replacement body parts, and they are far from the only ones working on bio-printing. In fact, a San Diego bio-printing company believes we are just over a year away from having the first 3D printed human liver.

Currently, the issue with printed human tissue is that it dies before it can ever be removed from the printer. Once printed, it needs access to the human vascular system to obtain the necessary oxygen and nutrients to function. The San Diego company Organovo, however, says it has passed the hurdle on this issue, at least on a small scale. The company has reported that they have printed liver tissue greater than 500 microns that was fully functional and maintained normal function for 40 days.

Of course, this is just a first step. They have been able to print hepatocytes, which are the cells that make up the majority of the liver. There are, however, other cells in the human liver that have functions separate from the hepatocyte cells. In order to print a working human liver, they would have to be able to print all of these cells in the complex combination that a liver contains. Still, this is an important and exciting first step. … (Read more)


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