ZT-Implant, cutting edge Additive Manufactured dental implant – Presented by Jean-Jacques Fouchet & Jacques Fain, Z3DLAB

ZT-Implant, cutting edge Additive Manufactured dental implant – Presented by Jean-Jacques Fouchet, & Jacques FAIN, Z3DLAB,  at the 3D Dental Printing Conference, which takes place on Jan 31, 2017 at MECC Maastricht in The Netherlands.

A new designed AM (additive Manufacturing) Dental Implant with an internal lattice structure.

  • 35% lighter
  • 300% contact surface Þ increased osseointegration
  • New composite TiA6V and Nano ceramic
  • Astonishing first clinical results

Jean-Jacques FouchetAbout Jean-Jacques Fouchet

Jean-Jacques Fouchet is VP Business development of 3DLAB SAS.

He has held different managing positions in High Tech companies in France.

Engineering degree from the CNAM.

Jacques FainAbout Jacques Fain

MD. Surgeon, specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Maxillo-facial surgery, and Stomatology. 40 scientific papers published after peer reviews. From 1990 to 2011, at the head of Maxillo-facial Unit, at CHU Bicêtre, Assistance Publique -Hôpitaux de Paris. Then joined Z3DLAB Team.

About Z3DLAB 

AM specialists and advanced material specialists

Z3DLAB S.A.S. (“Z3DLAB”) is an Additive Manufacturing Expert and metal composites designer company developing new composite material and process technology for the additive metal market to revolutionize the next generation of medical, Aerospace, Automotive, energy, petrochemicals, luxury… parts.

About 3D Dental Printing Conference

What, When, Where: 3D Dental Printing Conference, Jan 31, MECC Maastricht, The Netherlands

It is part of a three-day 3D printing event (Jan 31-Feb 02) in two locations, MECC Maastricht & Brightlands Chemelot Conference Center. The event includes 6 conferences and a 2-day expo

Scope: Dentistry is a field which is increasingly experiencing the impact of digitalization. The ongoing digital developments are leading to substantial changes in how dental professionals will carry out their profession in the future. Scanning, CAD and 3D Printing will take over traditional procedures and will change the workflow between the different parties involved (dentists, surgeons and dental laboratories). The conference will tackle not only emerging technologies and new materials, but also legal aspects and how 3D printing will change the dental practice.

It is not a purely academic conference, but an innovative event bringing together brilliant minds and discoveries. The audience is a mix of academics, business, technology, regulation and creative, so the content will address both professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

Topics: The dental industry at a tipping point; 3D Printing in Dental with Biocompatible materials; 3D scanning systems; Additive manufacturing of metal dental restorations – ready for production; 3D virtual orthognathic surgery: planning and follow-up; 3D Printed dental implants; Clinical aspects of Rapid Prototyping technologies; Legal issues for 3D Dental Printing

Speakers from: Z3DLAB, University of Perugia, EOS – Electro Optical Systems, UZ Leuven, University of Nottingham, ACTA Amsterdam, NextDent, HUMS, Lützeler Klümper Rechtsanwälte


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