DENTCA to Create 3D Printed Dentures after Receiving FDA Approval (Video)

The medical space is set to be the first major industry to be galvanized by 3D printing technology, uniting many of 3D printing’s strengths in a field that has immediate, life-enhancing effects. While operating rooms the world over are now implementing the technology to perform vital surgeries, taking advantage of patient-tailored implants and patient-specific surgical models, the FDA is now catching on to 3D printing’s increasingly important role in medicine. The Food and Drug Administration has now approved 3D printed facial, cranial, and multiple spinal implants, as well as the first 3D printed pharmaceutical, and, today, it has given clearance to a material for 3D printing parts of dentures.

Orthodontic company DENTCA has received 510(k) approval of a material that will be used to 3D print the bases of dentures, allowing DENTCA to create perfectly tailored dentures and baseplates from patient scans. Printed via stereolithography (SLA), the resin dentures can be made directly from 3D models, instead of through casts, allowing the company to automate the manufacturing process.

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