Dentistry professor is working to develop biodegradable bone implant

With funding awarded from the Strategic Innovation Grant, Lobat Tayebi, associate professor and director of research in the School of Dentistry, has been working to create a biodegradable bone implant.

Though others have conducted research in the past to create similar prototypes, Tayebi wants to focus specifically on the design, as opposed to the material, of the implants.

“This proposal is about improving the mechanical property with a specific design,” Tayebi said.

Tayebi said metal implants are the most popular on the market today.

“The problem is with the commercialization (of biodegradable implants),” Tayebi said. “(Patients) cannot trust these kinds of polymers or ceramics which are biodegradable. They still think that these metal implants are more trustworthy.”

Metal implants can cause problems with some patients who have allergic reactions to the material. She said some patients receive a second surgery after the implant is no longer needed.Read more


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