Doctors Successfully Complete First Procedures with MySpine 3D Printed Surgical Guides

Joint and spine surgical product manufacturer Medacta USA announced the successful completion of the first two spinal surgeries in the United States using its MySpine Patient-Matched Technology. MySpine uses 3D reconstruction and rapid 3D printing technology to create patient-specific guides used in extremely complicated spinal deformation reparative surgeries.

MySpine is intended to increase efficiency and accuracy as well as help improve the chances of positive outcomes of spinal procedures. The 3D printed guides help identify the optimal screw trajectories and entry points into the specific vertebrae that are being operated on. This can greatly reduce the time spent operating and help prevent doctor error.

The patient-matched technology used for MySpine has already been successfully implemented in 15,000 knee surgeries using Medacta’s MyKnee line of 3D printed surgical guides. A study in the Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques detailed the clinical experience of MySpine that tracked surgical results from four patients living with severe scoliosis that had the surgical templates 3D printed using the MySpine pre-surgical process. The results were stunning, with no screw-related complaints being reported by patients. Of the 76 implanted pedicle screws, 84% of them were completely intrapedicular and 96.1% showed less than a 2mm cortical breach. … (Read more)