First Bioprinted Implantable Organ Ready by Next Year Says 3D Bioprinting Solutions

The first functional “bioficial” thyroid to be implanted in a human being will be completed by 2015 according to a recent release by Skolkovo, Russia based 3D Bioprinting Solutions. “Our team is planning to bioprint the thyroid in March of 2015,” Julia explained. 

“We are talking about printing the construct. Of course we will need some time for in-vivo tests to examine the viability and the functionality of our constructs. This may take more time, perhaps until the end of the same year.”

3D Bioprinting Solutions is moving rapidly. Only last October the company, based in the Skolkovo Research Center, the most advanced in Russia, announced and presented its first bioprinter, capable of using different kinds of bioinks, which means cell-based hydrogels, tissue spheroids-based hydrogels and different types of tissue spheroids directly. At the time, the young company also made it clear that its primary, long term goal, is the biprinting of a functional, complex organ such as a kidney. … (Read more)