From Current Prescription System to 3D Printed Customized Drug Dose (Video)

In recent years the 3d printer technology spreads in all sphere of life. As a pharmacist with 9 years of experience in Drug formulation with excipients, I found the 3d printer technology can change the recent prescription system. As this system is less costly and can provide accurate dose.

I analyzed during drug formulation in the industry, the dose adjustment and bio availability is critical point in the manufacturing process. Various types of patient need various types of dose. Suppose some patient need 500 mg paracetamol for their therapy but other need 450 mg same drug as their body weight and size is different. so dose adjustment is very important. The traditional pharmaceutical companies only made dose with 500 mg or 1000 mg. But if we print the drug then we can make the accurate dose according to patient need.

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