Next Generation of Fully Personalised Bionics & Smart Prosthetics

Next Generation of Fully Personalised Bionics & Smart Prosthetics. Reconfigurable Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of next generation fully personalized bionics and smart prosthetics aims to develop a new technological platform integrating cutting edge innovations in design and manufacturing in order to deliver better medtech products and services for an improved quality of life.

Symbionica objective is to make technically feasible and economically sustainable the production of orthopaedic smart implants/prosthesis with a level of customization never seen before: geometrical and morphological customization to tailor the implant to patient interfaces for endo-, exo- and hybrid implants made in multiple materials; functional customization to adapt prosthesis dynamic and static behaviour to patient needs (responsiveness to loads, condition based drug delivery, etc.) across the patient life.

At the end of the project Symbionica will deliver:

  • A novel certified machine for Multi Material Additive Manufacturing specifically adapted to the need of medtech devices able to produce complex (in geometry, functionality, composition) customised, multi material prosthesis, at minimum 150 cm3/h, in true net shape (no final machining needed), with closed loop controlled and certified quality (zero faulty parts delivered).
  • Four demo certifiable prosthesis, belonging to different families, manufactured with the hereinabove machine and reengineered in order to satisfy the maximum level of customization to patient specific needs, including integration of new sensors;
  • Four parametric CAD parametric templates to generate automatically and in less than 8 hours the herein-above prosthesis geometry starting from patient-specific medical data (e.g. Computed Tomography, CT);
  • A novel Cooperative design platform including the herein-above CAD templates and interfaces with medical diagnostics (CT), with CAD/CAM and CAPP system of suppliers involved. This will allow involving all relevant stakeholders: doctors, patients prosthesis (sub)suppliers in the development of a bionic prosthetic solution fully tailored on the patient expectations and physical characteristics.
  • A device, “Bionic Through-life Sensing System” able to collect data from hereinabove sensors and a SW able to monitor/analyse them providing useful reports to patient helpful e.g. to plan physiotherapy, to medical staff and to prosthesis designers for further improvements

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