Health By (3DP) Design: Worrell Helps Span The Gap Between Patient-Generic & Patient-Specific

Worrell Design Inc. is rolling out new means to reduce those “liabilities” and extend those “licenses” — patient by patient. Worrell is a family-owned and operated business and has established itself as perhaps the most prominent industrial design firm working in the healthcare sector.

Regardless — with roll-outs like its just-introduced 3D IM (3D-Printed Injection Molding) system in close collaboration with leading 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys Ltd. — the firm is proving itself to be the most innovative. And — philosophically — among the most human-centric.

As the Additive Manufacturing cognoscenti understand, 3D printing technology continues to accelerate in development at an ever-increasing rate. However, many traditional manufacturers are still struggling to grasp the commercial implications. Inherently conservative segments — like medical-device makers, constrained by FDA regulators — have been particularly slow in adopting what should look like very-compelling 3D printing solutions.

On 30 October of this year, separate sector-leaders Stratasys (3D printers) and Worrell (medical-device design) — near geographic neighbours in metropolitan Minneapolis, MN — proclaimed their collaboration around educating and accessing the medical-device marketplace. Their disruptive tool of choice is new 3DP innovation in the long-established, industrial processes of injection molding. As Stratasys states, “Worrell slashes lead times by a game-changing 95% in comparison to traditional tooling, with costs plummeting 70%.” This while mitigating risk for both practitioner and device manufacturer — via very-early feedback and quick iteration in the product-development cycle. … (Read more)