“Implants Cutting Edge Technologies for Patient Better Care”, Presented by Jean-Jacques Fouchet, Z3DLAB SAS

Need for a new material – Zti–Powder® Biologically compatible, inert, stress shielding enable – to build on, new designs with better bone mechanotransduction

Implant-DNA File1 1mm Coupe
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About Jean-Jacques Fouchet

Jean-Jacques Fouchet is VP Business development of 3DLAB SAS.

He has held different managing positions in High Tech companies in France.

Engineering degree from the CNAM.

About Z3DLAB

Z3DLAB S.A.S. (“Z3DLAB”) is an Additive Manufacturing Expert and metal composites designer company developing new composite material and process technology for the additive metal market to revolutionize the next generation of medical, Aerospace, Automotive, energy, petrochemicals, luxury… parts.

ZTi-Powder®, a cermet (ceramic + metal), has been successfully fused and thus opening a wide market of new parts using the mixture of Ti and ceramic which can unite the positive mechanical qualities in their chemical structure to produce unique quality of adaptive material for additive manufactured parts. Incase of the medical market these new properties can enhance the fineness and longevity of human life, and ameliorate patient health care in biomedical applications.

If additive manufacture is a disruptive technology by its capacity to produce unseen geometrical parts, it is in the creation of new composites where the revolution lies. There is no single material that fits all, this is why Z3DLAB has developed blends of its ZTi-Powder® to meet the specific needs of each MID (Medical Implantable Devices). As we work towards the successful commercialization of our first cermet in the medical arena, the ZTi-Powder-med®, we are guided by a Board of Advisors and Clinicians that includes internationally renowned experts in the fields of metal powder, biomaterials, oral surgery, dental implants, orthopedics, regulatory processes, sales, marketing, and business development.

Z3DLAB’s ZTi-Powder® received several program grants by the French government bank BPI, the Val d’Oise region and ScientiPole.

Z3DLAB’s technology was initially developed as collaboration between the following public research labs, LSPM, CNRS and CEA-Liten.

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