Interactive Workshop ‘Workflow for quality assured 3D printed dental prosthetics’ powered by ManSYS, at 3D Dental Printing Conference

The 3D Dental Printing Conference will host on Jan 26, 2016, the interactive workshop ‘Workflow for quality assured 3D printed dental prosthetics’, powered by ManSYS.

The ManSYS-project and consortium, existing of 13 industry leaders, spread all over Europe, offer a unique example of the possibilities the new digital manufacturing set up for Dental Implants. Using additive manufacturing, allowing for on-demand and on-location production of certified and quality assured implants, the Dental industry will see new value chains arising. To make utmost use of these possibilities, the ManSYS consortium developed an online platform, through which part designs can be evaluated and optimized, parts can be ordered and quality can be guaranteed.

This workshop offers you the possibility to learn about the current and near future possibilities of AM, specifically with regards to solutions in the Dental industry, and gives you a sneak preview of the newly developed ManSYS platform.

The presenters and the audience will:

• collaborate in decision making while uploading a dental design;
• interactively validate the quality and printability of the design;
• together select the right materials, manufacturing process and service provider;
• discuss the quality and control measured to assure a certified output.

During the workshop you will learn about the benefits and challenges associated with additive manufacturing for the Dental industry and how to organize the workflow for your own situation.

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