“Introduction of an open-source, multi-material bioprinting platform”, Presented by Sascha Schwarz, CANTER

Over the last year, a new bioprinter platform has been developed. The modular design enables the user to choose from different printheads, crosslinking methods and additional components, crucial for printing cell-laden hydrogels. This prototype is a stand-alone device, which can be operated independently of almost all lab infrastructure, because measurement and control systems for temperature, humidity and gas concentration, are already integrated. By means of this approach, we introduce an open-source bioprinting platform that can be rebuild, used and adapted at ease by other scientific groups for their purposes.

About Sascha Schwarz

Sascha Schwarz studied bioengineering (B.Eng.) and is studying a master in mechatronics (M.Eng.). Over the last year, he has been working as a student in the field of bioprinting at CANTER and is currently finishing his master thesis. Furthermore, he is founder of the c.lab and co-founder of wheeLock.

About The Center for Applied Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (CANTER)

The Center for Applied Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (CANTER) is a joint project of MUAS, LMU and TUM in the Munich area. The main objective of this center is the development of technologies and methods for tissue engineering applications.