Is 3D Printing The Future Of Medicine? Intel Seems To Think So (VIDEO)

Intel’s stand at the Wearable Technology Show is all about health and fitness – and it appears that the company is working on some potentially exciting things in health care.

First up I had a look at a prototype that Intel is developing in Turkey called the “Smart Splint”. Despite medical technology coming on leaps and bounds over the last several decades, splints haven’t changed much – until now. Intel reckons that 3D printing splints customised to the patient will be much more comfortable, as they won’t rub against them like a “one size fits all” solution would.

They also look totally bad-ass.

The reason for all of the holes isn’t just stylistic – they allow doctors to prod around with broken limbs, with injections and the like, without having to remove the splint. … (read more)


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