“Legal Issues around 3D Printed Drugs” – Presented by An Vijverman, Dewallens & Partners Law Firm

“Legal Issues around 3D Printed Drugs” – Presented by Ann Vijverman, Dewallens & Partners Law Firm.In this presentation it will be analyzed whether and how 3D printed Drugs could fit within the actual legal framework concerning medicinal products: can the 3D printed drug qualify as an industrially prepared medicinal product; or as a magistral or officinal formula; or as an ATMP; or as a bona fida unsolicited order; or …? And what about the applicable GMP requirements? And how will 3D drug printing comply with the applicable data protection legislation?

About Ann Vijverman

An Vijverman is a lawyer specialized in health law. Her niche within health law is data protection, eHealth, pharmaceutical and medical devices law, medical aps and life sciences.

About Dewallens & Partners Law Firm

Dewallens & partners is the leading Belgium law firm specialized in health law and life sciences. We have practical insight in the issues which govern the health care sector we work in. We possess state of the art legal knowledge of those issues. And we form a true partnership with our clients.

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