Italian Researchers Expect 3D Printed Eyes by 2027, Providing Enhanced Vision & WiFi Connection

There’s one thing you may have begun to notice about digital design and 3D printing: whatever you think might happen in the future is probably going to advance far beyond whatever you envisioned or thought might be a cool idea.

And literally, one day you may be envisioning your entire world, and recording it as well, through completely artificially constructed, 3D printed eyeballs. You may be able to say goodbye to prescription glasses and contact lenses — and even your camera, as your original retina is replaced by a new and digital network contained inside your head, and even able to be swapped out for different versions.

A little like the concept of dentures, the team at Italian research studio MHOX explains this as quite simply the idea of completely removing the organs of sight that you were born with and replacing them with a digitally designed and 3D printed set that meets — and potentially surpasses — your needs.

Ultimately, you could choose new 3D printed eyeballs to heal a condition, eyeballs to ‘enhance’ and correct your vision, as well as eyeballs to process images and record what you are seeing in front of you. The network of nerves and impulses becomes an artificial, digitally constructed one that certainly sounds as if it offers more, including the option to have vision that is even better than 20/20. … (read more)