Jeanine Hendriks, CellCoTec presents about cartilage regeneration for patients

Jeanine Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer (PhD) at CellCoTec, presents at the 3D Bioprinting Conference: “How will 3D (bio) printing revolutionize cartilage regeneration for patients? It is already there!”. 

About Jeanine Hendriks
Jeanine was one of the founders of CellCoTec BV in 2004. It was her insight that led to the discovery of how to instruct chondrocytes to form strong cartilage material under controlled conditions. Prior to CellCoTec, she was a group leader cartilage product development at IsoTis SA. She was responsible for the launch of a first generation ACI product and INSTRUCT a novel autologous single surgery treatment for cartilage defects. She is well published, having written or co-authored several publications and articles in the field of cartilage repair and regeneration with more than 20 years of experience in cell and developmental biology research and 15 years of experience in cartilage product development. Dr Hendriks’ PhD is from the University of Twente, the Institute of Biomechanical Technology Technology and Technical Medicine, and collaborated with associate professor Lorenzo Moroni, who is currently an associate professor on biofabrication at Maastricht University.

While the attention 3D (bio)printing exploded in the last few years, the 3D printing technology exists already for some 20 years. Nonetheless, applications of 3D printed living tissues while possible in a laboratory are still 10-20 years away from their clinical application. The complexity of applying (bio)materials in combination with living tissue for a clinical application still raises plenty of technological, regulatory, health economical, ethical and surgical challenges. In contrast 3D printed constructs made of (bio) materials either or not combined with patient own cells are being applied clinically today already e.g in applications in bone and cartilage. Supporting the bodies intrinsic capacity to heal itself when kick started by the biomaterial- cell interaction, patients already can benefit from implants manufactured by 3D printing technology. 3D printing of biomaterials and combining them with patients own cells allows for personalized medicine without the need for tissue culture and allogenic or xenogenic cells.

About CellCoTec
CellCoTec is an orthopaedic medical device company using ground breaking Cellular Regeneration Technology (CRT) to provide a single-surgery solution for damaged articular cartilage in the knee. We believe that everyone suffering a traumatic cartilage injury of the knee should expect to return to full level activity without compromising their quality of life. Existing treatments have limited success and can involve more than one surgical procedure with extended rehabilitation time. CellCoTec has brought a unique technology to the market which combines cell interaction with the use of a mechanically functional 3D printed polymer scaffold in a single surgical intervention. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the technology will promote effective hyaline cartilage formation coupled with a rapid rehabilitation time for the patient.

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