Laser direct write for peripheral nerve repair, by Frederik Claeyssens, Sheffield University

Frederik Claeyssens, Senior Lecturer in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Univeristy of Sheffield, presents at the 3D Bioprinting Conference: “Laser direct write for peripheral nerve repair”.

To repair gap injuries surgeons typically use autologous nerve grafts. These grafts are not ideal since another (donor) nerve needs to be sacrificed, leading to loss of function and pain in the donor site. An interesting alternative to transp sheffield universitylants is the use with bioengineered constructs, with present studies focussed on the use of nerve guide conduits (NGCs).

Currently available NGCs have a limited regenerative capacity, mainly due to the absence of physical guidance cues and poor support for nerve cell growth In this paper our current efforts to mitigate these shortcomings and build the next generation NGCs will be presented. In particular, our recent results on biomcompatible and biodegradable NGCs constructed via microstereolithography will be highlighted. The overall aim of our work is to develop a reliable manufacturing route of NGCs with improved bulk properties. The overall aim of this work is to develop a reliable manufacturing route of NGCs with a high regenerative capacity.

About Frederik Claeyssens
Dr Frederik Claeyssens (FC, Co-I) is a Senior Lecturer in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Sheffield University (U.K.). During his independent career FC established a materials microstructuring laboratory, and his main research explores laser-based 2D and 3D direct-write techniques for (bio)materials micro-structuring and the use of these structures in a range of different applications, e.g. tissue engineering, (bio)sensors, and microelectronics. FC has published papers in leading chemistry and materials science journals, he has 65 publications in refereed journals which have received 1848 citations, and an h-index of 20.

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