L’Oreal Teams with Organovo to 3D Print Skin Tissue

Just after announcing the successful 3D printing of kidney cells, bioprinting firm Organovo has decided to add 3D printed skin to its portfolio of printable organ tissues.  The company has signed a Research Collaboration Agreement with L’Oreal USA Products, Inc to 3D print skin models using their NovoGen Bioprinting Platform.

While the agreement gives L’Oreal exclusive rights to the models for use in the R&D and production of its own non-prescription beauty and skin care products, Organovo can still sell its skin tissues for use in pharmaceutical testing, therapy, and surgical transplants.  The partnership will undergo three different phases: the initial development of the 3D printed skin tissue models, followed by validation, followed by commercial supply.  Each step is contingent on L’Oreal’s decision of whether or not to move onto the next phase, as determined based on a set of performance criteria.

At every point along the way, L’Oreal will hand over its cash in the form of upfront payments and payments for deliverables from Organovo.  Though the companies will negotiate a deal regarding Organovo’s exclusive commercial supply of the tissue models, tied to standard licensing and royalty agreements, no specific commercial terms have yet been disclosed. … (read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com