LSU & ExtrusionBot Create 3D Printed Biodegradable Beads Delivering Antibiotics & Chemotherapy

As technology moves at rapid speed, yes, akin to lightning, we greedily expect more and more, faster and faster. For the most part, things are moving along faster behind the scenes than we have any comprehension of, but the constant public pressure is there as many people are affected by cancer and other diseases on a daily basis.

On a social media site recently, I was reading an article about 3D printing discussing something rather enlightening, and one of the comments under the article expressed frustration that we have the ability to 3D print everything under the sun, but hey, we can’t cure cancer yet — and what’s up with that? Obviously, that’s a huge conversation and a question for the medical experts, but we do know for sure that 3D printing is being used to improve the quality of human lives in many ways, as well as saving them in some amazing and inspiring cases.

3D printing is often about simplifying and streamlining a process in ways never previously considered. In that journey, prototypes and procedures often become not only more affordable, but also higher in quality. As it stands right now, 3D printing may not be curing cancer today, but you can rest assured it is under intense scrutiny and exploration for its potential applications in medicine, to include tissue engineering and a number of processes already a reality regarding the 3D printing of medications, devices, and prosthetics. … (read more)