Man 3D Prints His Own Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer Tumors Prior to And After Chemotherapy

One of the scariest things that anyone can hear coming from their doctor’s mouth are the following three words: “You have cancer.” For one man, named Mark (last name will remain anonymous), these are the words that came from the mouth of a specialist he had gone to visit, after suffering from terrible spells of itching.

“The only symptom I had leading up to the diagnosis was constant chronic itching which is sometimes a symptom of lymphoma,” Mark told “If you’ve ever had poison ivy, the itching was comparable to that, minus the rash. The doctors had been trying to figure it out for several months before I finally got to a specialist who suspected it and gave me a chest X-ray.”

Upon examining the chest x-ray, doctors found a 14cm Hodgkin’s Lymphoma tumor in Mark’s chest. While cancer can be quite scary, Mark was given a pretty good prognosis, but he would need to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, in order to help shrink the tumor as much as possible. “At the time I was diagnosed, I had just started in a new position at (a) university, and didn’t want to let the cancer define who I was, so I didn’t really tell too many people other than close friends,” Mark told us. “I was actually able to make it through chemo with very few people knowing.” … (Read more)