Meet the Latest Bioprinting Breakthrough: Bio-bots (VIDEO)

Imagine a world where soft, tissue-like robots can roam around and be given commands with a remote control. Sounds like a crazy sci-fi epic? It’s actually not too far off from an ongoing development.

A team of researchers and engineers at the University of Illinois have managed to develop a 3D printed ‘bio-bot’, or biological robot, comprised of skeletal muscle cells and controlled by electrical pulses.

In 2012, the same team managed to bioprint a bio-bot using only rodent heart cells, hydrogel, and a 3D printer. The seven-millimeter-long bio-bot was even capable of walking by itself, and was considered a major breakthrough in medical bioprinting at the time. However, as that bio-bot was made of heart cells, it constantly contracted and the team didn’t have full control over its movements. … (Read more)

See the original bio-bot in this video: