New 3-D printing developments include blood vessels, back braces

3-D printed blood vessels: Medical experimentation using 3-D printing has taken new form in recent years, and one of the biggest developments overall has been the growth of bioprinting. In other words, this is the creation of living and natural material using the technology, according to 3-D Print.

Bioprinting, in particular, is working to help find a solution to the fact that, until now, it has been impossible to create blood vessels from scratch. If this breakthrough is achieved, it may be achievable for scientists to develop new organs for human use, which could potentially save lives across the world.

That new change may be much closer than expected. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, were recently able to create an agarose fiber template, which could be used as a mold for real blood vessels. This mold would be covered in a gel substance, then reinforced by photocrosslinks. This eventually would lead to a viable blood vessel. … (Read more)