New Funding for Rainbow 3D Bioprinting System That May Replace Animal Toxicity Tests

In the U.S. The National Institute of Health has moved a step closer to help to fund the joint venture of Rainbow Coral Corp. and Nano3D Biosciences. Nano3D has been awarded a grant for work associated with its recent proposal Novel 3D high-content/throughput assay with mobile device-based data acquisition.

The project may be funded further by the National Institute of Health’s Small Business Innovation Research(SBIR) program, for small business concerns to engage in research and development that has the potential for commercialisation.

Rainbow Coral and Nano3D Biosciences are another step closer to receiving their mutual funding for a new 3D bioprinting system that promises to deliver high throughput and high-content drug screening that could replace traditional in vitro and animal toxicity tests permanenty. … (Read more)