New nano-scale 3D printing tech is helping experts to develop previously impossible medical therapies (Video)

A 3D printer that can produce detailed models narrower than a human hair is helping experts in medical robotics at Imperial’s Hamlyn Centre.

The technology, utilising the Photonic Professional GT machine by Nanoscribe and funded by EPSRC, is allowing researchers at the Hamlyn Centre to develop previously impossible medical therapies, devices and procedures. 

These include swimming microrobots for targeted drug delivery as well as ultra-small instruments for microsurgery. Thanks to the work of Hamlyn researchers and their collaborators around the world, these techniques could allow oncologists to deliver cancer drugs that operate like targeted missiles rather than affecting a wider part of the body. Eye surgeons could also benefit through the use of new nano tools for delicate operations to the back of the eye, minimising the risk of damage.

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