New York docs’ 3D-printed windpipe may one day let patients breathe easier

Dr. Faiz Bhora of St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals and his research team hope to be the first in the world to successfully implant 3D-printed tracheas in people. The tracheas are printed from biologic materials on a 3D printer and primed with stem cells for growth.

Years from now, it’s possible that desperately-needed transplant organs won’t come from a human donor, but from a printer. It sounds incredible, but doctors at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals in Manhattan are creating bioengineered tracheas using stem cells and 3D printing technology.

The pioneering research, led by Dr. Faiz Bhora, the hospital’s director of thoracic surgical oncology, began with printing a 3D silicone model of the trachea – the 4-inch tube that starts below the voice box and connects with the bronchi – based on data from a CAT scan. The model trachea is created on a Fab@Home 3D printer in about 15 minutes. … (Read more)


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