Open Bionics Releases Its Most Realistic 3D Printed Bionic Hand Yet (VIDEO)

Looking at the latest 3D printed, robotic hand from Open Bionics, I get the impression that it is now just a matter of a few years before everyone who needs one will be able to afford a robotic prosthesis that can offer seamless interaction with the surrounding environment.

This prosthesis, appropriately dubbed by Open Bionics as “the most advanced 3D printed robotic hand”, was worn by 24-year-old Daniel Melville during the latest CES and it was quite a success, both based on the public’s enthusiastic reaction (apparently Daniel received a marriage proposal after he was featured on Snapchat’s live feed from the event) and for the ease with which Daniel – who has been Open Bionics first pilot – was able to control it.

“I was feeling pretty emotional being there because it has been an amazing thing to be a part of,” he said. “Because I was born without a hand, essentially I’ve been learning to use a hand for the first time, it’s really surreal. I kept shaking hands with people, and they kept asking to high-five, fist-bump, and take photos with me. It was really nice seeing how people reacted to my robotic hand, nobody shied away and I felt likeI was making up for lost time.” … (read more)