Pharmaceutical researchers create new shapes for medicine tablets using 3D printing

Usually when we think about the medicine, vitamins and supplements that we take in pill and tablet form, one or two common shapes come to mind: in most cases it’s either an elongated oval/spherical form or a simple extruded circle. 

While there are a number of reasons why we’ve come to expect our pills and tablets to come in similar shapes and sizes – particularly due to the manufacturing methods and nature of the drug release – advancements in additive manufacturing have made it possible for scientists to further explore what could possibly be done in this territory.

Using a combination of hot melt extrusion and 3D printing, a group of researchers from the University College London’s School of Pharmacy recently explored the effects of geometry on drug release on tablets that have been 3D printed – with the goal of producing a variety of different shaped tablets which would be difficult to produce using the traditional powder compaction manufacturing method. … (read more)


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