What is possible with bioprinting? – Presented by Morgan Moench, iMakr

What is possible with bioprinting? – Presented by Morgan Moench, iMakr at the 3D Bioprinting Conference which takes place on Jan 31, 2017 at MECC Maastricht in The Netherlands.

Bioprinting: the latest developments and the various fields that may be affected in the near future.

About Morgan Moench
Morgan reaches out to establish new strategic partnerships, helps organise events and seeks out new sales leads for iMakr’s medical branch. His diverse experience helps him to connect with the various healthcare and medical fields that are being affected by 3D and bio printing.

About iMakr
iMakr is a proud distributor of 3D and bio printing’s latest technology, and ensures each new printer is tested before being approved for sale on imakr.com.

About 3D Bioprinting Conference 4th edition
The conference content focuses on 3D bioprinting, the most disruptive application of 3D printing in the medical world, and latest developments and applications in the field. It is not a purely academic conference, but an innovative event bringing together brilliant minds and discoveries.

3D printing is becoming increasingly implemented in the operating room, with surgeons turning to the technology to create tailor-made implants for their patients. Several uses of the technology are already generating revenue as viable medical businesses, like dental applications, prosthetics and hearing devices.