Rainbow Coral and Nano3D Biosciences Pursue New 3D Bioprinting Opportunities, Partnerships

Rainbow Coral Corp. and Nano3D Biosciences (n3D) are lining up new 3D bioprinting opportunities and potential partnerships following a highly successful product exhibition last month at Biotech Showcase 2015 in San Francisco.

One of the world’s foremost investment and partnering conferences devoted to biotechnology, Biotech Showcase provided an idea platform to demonstrate the potential of the n3D Bio-Assembler to investors and pharmaceutical executives from around the world. As industry leaders in the emerging field of three-dimensional cell culturing, RBCC and n3D have teamed up to deliver the world’s first commercially available 3D bioprinting system designed for high-throughput and high-content drug screening.

“Nano3D’s 3D bioprinting exhibit at Biotech Showcase put the Bio-Assembler on a pedestal under the bright lights,” said RBCC CEO Kimberly Palmer. “This device has nearly limitless applications for cellular research, and it turned quite a few heads in San Francisco.”

For months, RBCC and n3D have been focused on raising product awareness to further market and develop the Bio-Assembler and other 3D bioprinting technology around the globe. The device uses biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles to magnetically bioprint and levitate cells, allowing them to grow into 3D structures much faster and more simply than competing technologies. … (read more)

Source: Azonano.com