“REGEMAT 3D bioprinting for cartilage regeneration and much more”, Presented by Jose Manuel Baena, REGEMAT 3D

Tissue regeneration (TR) is currently one of the most challenging biotechnology unsolved problems. Tissue engineering (TE) is a multidisciplinary science that aims at solving the problems of TR. TE could solve pathologies and improve the quality of life of billions of people around the world suffering from tissue damages.

New advances in stem cell (SC) research for the regeneration of tissue injuries have opened a new promising research field. However, research carried out nowadays with two-dimensional (2D) cell cultures do not provide the expected results, as 2D cultures do not mimic the 3D structure of a living tissue.

SC based therapies for cartilage regeneration have been successful in animals in vivo however tissue engineering techniques in humans are still in a starting point of development. Higher level of evidence studies are needed, and any stated benefit have to be supported with scientific results.

We have developed a modular workstation with 3D printing technologies with enhanced printing processes to increase the viability and survival of the cells when working with high temperature thermoplastics.

This system allows researchers to print 3D multicomponent parts; with a scaffolds structure, hydrogels with cells and fibres, to produce parts in vitro to regenerate living tissues. Besides we aim at demonstrating the viability of the system to print new 3D parts with enhanced properties for TR. With this development we aim at fostering the research and validation of the technology for new applications in regenerative medicine (RM) accelerating the uptake of the technology in clinical applications. This project will help to bring the technology to the patients sooner.

About Jose Manuel Baena

CEO and Founder REGEMAT 3D and BRECA Health Care

Research associate “Advanced therapies: differentiation, regeneration and cancer” IBIMER,CIBM, UGranada

Biotech serial entrepreneur, founder of BRECA Health Care, a 3D printed custom made implants for orthopedic surgery, and REGEMAT 3D, the first Spanish bioprinting company. Expert in innovation, business development and internationalization, lecturer in some business schools, he is passionate about biomedicine and technology. In his free time he is also researcher at the Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine Institute (IBIMER).


REGEMAT 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in a new and promising area called bioprinting, that uses 3D printing technologies for regenerative therapies.