Revolutionary Blood Recycling Machine Created Using 3D Printer

UK-based company Brightwake has developed a new way of providing lifesaving blood to those who are in need of blood transfusions.

Designed for those who don’t wish to have blood transfusions yet require them in life or death situations, the machine known as the “Hemosep” is designed to essentially recycle one’s own blood for use in situations that require blood transfusions.

During high risk or major trauma surgery, blood can be lost and a transfusion is needed to save the life of a patient. For some, a blood transfusion is something that they don’t wish to have, while others have a rare blood type. The machine will reduce the amount of blood donations needed and increase the success rates of those patients required to have transfusions by using the patient’s own blood.

The Hemosep collects, sterilizes, and pumps the blood back into the patient. The company’s use of 3D printing has given them a more accurate representation of the machine, as well as reduced costs and other benefits. The prototype of the machine features many 3D printed parts, allowing for a more accurate demonstration of just how the Hemosep works. … (Read more)


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