Ronald Coumans talks about Project Dentinno at the 3D Bioprinting Conference

Roeland Coumans, Director of Dentinno, will talk about the Dentinno project during the 3D Bioprinting Conference. Digital dental partial frame production. The digital production of dental partial prostheses including the necessary surface treatments to have a cost-effective solution for the near future and to have an alternative for the common hand-labor.

The production steps are:

  • 3D scanning dental model
  • 3D design dental prosthesis
  • 3D metal printing dental prosthesis
  • surface treatment (polishing)

IMG_8994About Roeland Coumans 
Roeland Coumans has a lot of experience in surface treatments and developed several new coatings and related products the last 10 years. In 2011 I started the development of post treatment for 3 d printed metal parts.

About Dentinno
Dentinno produces dental frames in a digital way and helps the clients in starting with the digital designing.

  • 3D scanning the model
  • 3D design from the frame
  • 3D printing the frame in metal ( CoCr )
  • Electro chemical polishing the frames

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